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Yes, your dreams matter and you should follow them

Nov 20, 2020 | Goals&Dreams


Dreams take us to a world full of desires, wants and aspirations. It is this that encourages us to continually improve, seek, discover, and strive. Because of them, we do the craziest things. Dreams have the power to make us happy and sad. When they start to be fulfilled – we feel euphoria, when we feel the taste of their unattainability we can feel strong negative feelings. In any case, we must dare and give ourselves the opportunity to try to make our dreams come true. By the way, only by making our dreams – goals can we make them come true.



3 positive thing that you will get if you start following your dreams:



1. “Wings”


When we allow ourselves to follow our dreams, they give us wings. We gain “super powers”. Seriously. The world gets brighter, we are suddenly full of positive emotions, full of energy and we become determined to climb the highest mountains. In this case, climbing mountains means overcoming all challenges.




2. An opportunity to build your life. The best things happen when you are willing to take risks and allow yourself to try


In small steps, you start to move towards your goal and feel that you can turn your life in a desired direction. You break free from regret and self-pity. Become more satisfied with yourself because “I can’t” turns into “I try and move towards my goals”.



3. Self-satisfaction

When dreams only remain in our minds without the possibility of ever being fulfilled, keep coming back to haunt us every one in a while. Quite the opposite happens when we try to implement them. In case of success, self-satisfaction is guaranteed, and in case of failure – experience for future challenges (if you do not condemn yourself for failure). By the way, very cool things happen when we realize that in order to achieve big goals, we have to go through small stages. And if we still manage to agree with ourselves that small victories are also significant, then we experience a sense of self-satisfaction even after achieving even small goals.



Dreams are like a compass that indicates which way to go. They reveal the desires hidden in the subconscious and are therefore insanely important to us.