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Unexpected miracle – A California Christmas movie on Netflix

Dec 22, 2020 | Inspiring Movie

A California Christmas (2020) movie review Inbooming Blog






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A California Christmas is a 2020 Christmas film directed by Shaun Paul Piccinino. It is a story about a spoiled wealthy man who, 2 weeks before Christmas, gets a very important task, the successful completion of which would guarantee him a promotion in a company run by his mother. Forcing a young farmer to sell her ranch to the company is the task he is given. And in the words of his mother, Joseph will finally be able to use his only talent: to force a young, beautiful woman to fulfill his wishes.

So Joseph (Josh Swickard), though reluctant, is forced to travel to Petaluma to persuade Callie (Lauren Swickard) to sell her ranch. When he arrives, he is mistaken as an awaited farm worker who is supposed to help Callie manage the ranch. For him, this is a great opportunity to get closer and thus persuade Callie to sign the sales documents for the ranch, as he immediately realizes that he has encountered an “unfamiliar” type of woman. Callie, unlike most previously encountered women, doesn’t fall head over heels for him, so it turns out to be the only way to get the signature he wants.

In order for Joseph to not be unmasked ahead of time, he has to find the real farm worker and pay him so he doesn’t show up on the ranch, and hire him as a consultant to explain how to do farm work that Joseph doesn’t know anything about. It is indescribably fun to see Joseph’s gentle and velvety hands get scabbed, and see him get confronted with another reality of life.

Very soon he has to get acquainted with a feeling of love, which his heart has definitely never known before. A kiss full of love – the feeling is incomparable with endless one-night stands. Oh, and Callie, dragging all her worries on her delicate shoulders since her father and husband died, Joseph becomes a reason to smile.


The more sensitive-hearted viewers were left with four scenes to cry out the accumulated tears. There are also endless scenes that make you laugh their butts off. It’s a film about the true essence of Christmas. Open conversations under the starry sky, hard work, dinner with family and a reality that obscures joy – Callie’s seriously ill mother.

Watching the film intertwines a lot of feelings. From laughter in comedic situations to tears over the sad reality of Calle’s life.

When Christmas sparkles and the shine of lights become only a small part of Christmas, when kindness, compassion and genuinity take center stage. For those who long for romance and are in search of true Christmas spirit