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Find out three simple reasons why You Didn’t Hit Your Goals yet

Feb 6, 2021 | Goals&Dreams

Goals, they give us a good kick in the butt! Make us wake up, improve, cry, fight, fall and get up all over again. A good challenge, I would say! Maybe that’s why we tend to put them off for tomorrow. For tomorrow that never dawns. I noticed that the postponement for tomorrow seems very romanticized. I’m talking about the vision of a perfect tomorrow when at dawn we suddenly get up super motivated and determined to act. But we’re talking about a fantastic tomorrow that never begins, in reality, every day is perfect for any start, it’s just hard to change an already established mind-set.


Why can’t we achieve our goals?

First reason

– the desire to have a different result by still living the same life. Well, let’s imagine that my biggest goal is to have visible abs, but my lifestyle is sedentary, and I go to the gym a few times a week at most. And that, if I’m lucky! My new goal would be completely incompatible with my current lifestyle. That means it would change radically! And that’s good because we want change – we want other things! Unfortunately, sometimes we are not fully prepared to change our normal lives, and not because we do not want to – we are governed by habits. Good habits serve us, and we serve bad ones. Both bad and good habits are deeply rooted making it very difficult to resist and change them.


Second reason

-lack of patience and perseverance. Achieving a goal is not a sprint, but a marathon, even if the goal is short-lived. You just get up and work every morning! The worst part is that you won’t see any tangible results for a long time. At some moment you will move forward like an ice-crushing machine, and at other times you will fall to the ground like an autumn leaf. At some point, you will feel the pleasure of getting closer and closer to your goal every day, and on other days you will no longer understand why you even started. Patience is without a doubt, necessary. There may be stories about exceptional people and how they achieved their desired goals, but they are an exception rather than a rule. Stubbornness and patience will save you when you want to quit everything. If you do not already have these qualities, moving towards your goal will gradually help develop them.


Third reason

– vaguely stating why you are doing this. The goal, whatever it may be, will require not only time, but also constant effort, and when you see your “to-do” list in front of you every morning, you need to clearly know why you are doing it. Why is your goal important to you? Otherwise, over time, that list will only annoy and bother you. When you don’t know where you’re going and why it’s easy to get lost.

As we incorporate a new goal into our lives, we need to find a place for it and understand that everyday life will definitely change. And while we devise goals to change what we want to change, a period of making differences can be temporarily awkward and sometimes even unpleasant. But this is only a very temporary stage. By the way, each goal achieved cultivates perseverance and patience. Even if that goal is tiny or not very significant.