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The secret is: successful goals realization in frame of your mind

Mar 13, 2021 | Goals&Dreams

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Our thoughts are always with us. From the moment we wake up in the morning to the moment we fall asleep at night. Even during sleep, we are affected by the subconscious, so it can be said that even when we’re asleep we are affected by our thoughts. What we think directly affects us all day, every day. Although indirectly, we spend most of our lives in our “heads”. Not surprisingly, the success of our goals also becomes highly dependent on what we think. So why not make your mind fortress a great place for prosperity.

Why does the achievement of our goals depend so much on our thoughts?


And how can it be otherwise? After all, at every step, we are affected by our thoughts. An athlete preparing for a competition, an entrepreneur developing a business strategy, or a person seeking to change their lifestyle to achieve their dream body shape – they will all have to work consistently for a long time, every day, to achieve their goal.

Imagine that an athlete, while training his body for a competition, thinks that he will not be able to beat his opponents in any way, and will not be fully prepared to beat them on the day of the competition. An entrepreneur, even with a well-prepared plan, cannot believe in the success of his business, and a person seeking to change his lifestyle counts the days when he will have already reached the shape of their dreams and will be able to return to old habits. Basically, they are all not ready to achieve the intended goal. Or at least not ready to exploit their potential 100%. They are missing one important point in the goal implementation plan: the importance of thought management. The internal engine, which could propel them all forward, becomes a braking force that prevents them from reaching their full potential. No matter how hard you train your body, forgetting to take care of your mind will hinder your ability to use your strength to the fullest.


It’s exactly the same with business. No matter how carefully you prepare a business plan, if you think that you are not good enough to build a successful business and your competitors are stronger, you will not be able to focus 100% on building a successful business, because you will be distracted by these thoughts. Or you could concentrate this energy on building it.


It absolutely does not matter what goal you want to achieve, because the process of achieving any goal is quite complex and energy-intensive, so it’s vital to make sure that you are ready both physically and mentally to achieve it. By directing your thoughts properly, you can become more resilient, more determined, more confident, and take full advantage of any opportunity, even under pressure. I will share with you discoveries that may help realize your full potential and survive turning points while trying to achieve your goals.



Tips and tricks that can help prepare for the implementation of your goals

1. Follow the plan

Maintaining motivation would be an ideal option for achieving short-term goals. When you need to stay super motivated for a short time, that works well and works 100%. An example of such a goal could be – three months of preparation for a fitness competition. However, if we’re talking about long-term goals, for which three months or even half a year is not enough, it’s a period of time that is too short – discipline overcomes motivation.

When motivation is lacking, discipline remains, which becomes the engine that is driving you towards the goal. Discipline is less affected by feelings, so it is definitely much more effective. If you manage to accomplish the tasks set out in your plan every day, you are building on the success of your goal. You become less dependent on mood, so emotions no longer control the success of your goal. Learning to stick to a plan and perform scheduled tasks every day, whether or not you are motivated to do so, is the key to success.


2. Disarm emotions

Emotions are a powerful weapon, so they can definitely knock you out of your trajectory. Especially when something is not going according to plan, when the results of the work do not reflect the effort put in, when we are disappointed in ourselves. Being overwhelmed by negative emotions can lead to a very strong desire to give up on your goal because things don’t go as expected or it becomes just too hard to move forward. Do not stifle emotions in any way. Stay with them or find the best way for you to pour out what has accumulated. For example, a long, slow, monotonous run is a great tool for me. When it doesn’t work – I use movie therapy to redirect my thoughts. As you gain new strength, you will be able to move forward again.

3. Focus in the right direction

There can be a myriad of reasons in your head why you will fail to achieve your intended goal. And we can allow these thoughts to flourish, but we can also consciously stop this vicious circle of thoughts by harnessing the energy to create an action plan of what we should do, what steps we should take each day, what and where we should learn, where we should improve to get ourselves closer to the goal. In the first case, we stop ourselves, and in the second, we move forward.

4. Give yourself time

Patience is a virtue. Yes, it will take 100% of your patience to reach your goal. It would be great if reaching the goal was as easy as buying shoes. Unfortunately, it is not the case of “I want it here and now”, so I go to the nearest supermarket and I satisfy my need. No. It’s a long-term process, so it would be unwise to demand of yourself to achieve your desired goal overnight.