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Aug 16, 2020 | Goals&Dreams

Running, for me, has always been, and still is not just overcoming distance or just a sport – it is my liberation, time for brainstorming, a distraction, and a kind of meditation. The hour when music plays in my ears and my legs carry my body forward becomes a gate to a better today.


How does running affect my body and brain?

A stress-controlled body is tense, and the brain cannot generate new ideas. Long-distance running is a test not only for the body but also for the mind. And thanks to physical exercise, the brain is freed from tension and stress, so it can think much more clearly. Running also builds self-confidence.
After all, the distance of 8 kilometers in the summer heat requires a lot of effort, and when you manage to overcome it, you realize that in the same way, you can overcome everything you face in life.

At the end, a few kilometers away from the finish, there is a strong sense of satisfaction. And the greater the physical fatigue, the greater the satisfaction and this feeling is one of the reasons you want to run again and again.


The healing powers of running for the body and soul:

  • Develops both physical and psychological endurance.
  • Allows you to relax the brain and break away from everyday life.
  • Monotonous physical activity encourages creativity, resulting in new ideas.
  • Long distances strengthen the body.
  • Running eliminates accumulated negative emotions, such as anger, dissatisfaction, annoyance
  • Running strengthens physical and psychological endurance.