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For Thirsty of romantic love - Suite Francaise movie review

“Suite Française” – the taste of forbidden love. Top drama

Nov 13, 2020 | Inspiring Movie

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“Suite Française” is a 2014 romantic, historical drama of Great Britain, France and Belgium. It is a joint work of Saul Dibb and Matt Charman.

The action begins in June 1940, when German bombs first drop on the outskirts of Paris. Refugees begin to flow from Paris to Bussy. The town is marched into by the German army, announcing that France has been defeated and the government is now in German hands. By designation, some residents are assigned to accommodate officers and they must obey. Lieutenant Bruno von Falk (Matthias Schoenaerts) knocks on Madame Angellier’s door. He is sensitive, educated and a real gentleman. The complete opposite of most German officers who demonstratively enjoyed their power. Every night at Madame Angellier’s house, Bruno’s fingers played an unfamiliar melody and that music brought him closer to Lucile.

Lucile (Michelle Williams) had married three years ago, at the behest of her father, a man she did not even know. Forced to live with her mother-in-law while he is at war. It is an obligation to obey Madame Angellier’s rules in her home, so Lucile is forbidden to communicate with Bruno in order to maintain fidelity to the warring man – her husband.

Unexpected circumstances force Lucile to ask Bruno for help, and those circumstances provide an opportunity for closer acquaintance. In exchange for assistance, the officer asks for human communication.

Lucile’s presence next to him, after a long period of silence, seems like relief though should cause outrage.

An unacceptable and forbidden love affair is established between them. Lucile’s attempt to convince herself that she is married out of love remains forgotten, because she can no longer lie to herself.
True, passionate and sincere love blooms between them. The love scenes are extremely delicate but highly emotional, so it’s hard to stay indifferent. Adverse circumstances make their love sad. He, a man of a sensitive soul, is forced to carry out the commandments against his desires and to feel the greatest scorn in his heart as a result of those actions. She is in love with a German officer, and has to choose between the love for her homeland and the love for a man.

While watching the movie, my heart wished for a happy ending, but that would probably be too predictable. The viewer’s attention is maintained until the last minutes.

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