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Questions for yourself that are worth asking when you need to choose

Oct 20, 2021 | Goals&Dreams

Questions for yourself that are worth asking inbooming blog

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You have an idea and want to implement it, but lack the will to act! Oh, if only there was a guarantee you could do it – without waiting for anything, you would dive right in and act! Finally, you would be free to do what you desire. But… what to do if the forecasts for the future are vague? There is no place to buy a guarantee of success! If only there were such a place – I believe the line would be so long it would extend to Mars!


Okay, and now let’s look at it from a different angle. What guarantees your success in your line of work? Even if you feel safe right now, what guarantees that this will be the case for the next five years? What guarantees that you will always be valued in your current activities and what if a day will come when you hear: – thank you, we no longer need you. What am I trying to say?


“You can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.”
― Jim Carrey

This is the best quote I’ve ever heard. I heard it in the documentary “Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond”. It painstakingly answers a difficult question and is great to hear when being on the verge of self-determination when you have to choose between what you want to do and what seems like a safer, more reliable choice at that moment.


Be sure to watch this video:

And now dive into Questions for yourself and find out the answers yourself, because nobody except you knows better.


5 Questions for yourself that are worth asking


If all existing obligations and responsibilities suddenly disappeared, would I still be doing what I am doing now?


Everyday life – a medium in which it is so easy to drown in that we may not even notice that it is happening, and we only realize we are in it when we are already completely immersed in it. Not surprisingly, we very often turn in our daily lives and forget to ask ourselves the question: would I still do what I do now if I had no burdens and responsibilities left? The answer can often be very surprising and lead to even more questions.


Does my current state, and the life I live now make me happy and satisfied?


Am I happy with the activities that I’m doing? Do I feel completeness in doing this? Does it drive me? Do my activities give me satisfaction? Can I imagine myself doing this for the next 5 years? If your answer to many of these questions is: – yes, then everything is fine and there is no point in asking yourself further questions. Or maybe you dream of a completely different reality? Then most of the answers are probably: – no. And if you no longer want to just go with the flow, then let’s dive even deeper into Questions for yourself.


In my current life, do I feel like I have tapped into my full potential, my talents?

What talents have you been blessed with? Make a list. I am convinced that not one lies within you. And now, looking at this list, write how you use your talents in real life. Where do you use them? From what you have written, look at how many of your talents you use in your life – here is the answer. You have just learned if you fully tap into yourself in real life. What only remains now is to assess how satisfied you are with the current answer.


Do I have dreams, ideas that I would like to realize? And why haven’t I still done that?

Have you had at least one new idea in your mind over the last year? And if so, at what stage is it at the moment?


If I knew that my idea was guaranteed to succeed, would I take action to make it happen? 

If your answer is yes, then the only thing stopping you is fear. And she’s a little devil, not a dummy – a real specialist in her field! Knows how to intimidate. But do you know what fear is afraid of?

Most of all, fear is afraid that one day you will take fear by the hand, look her in the eye and say: “You know, I am insanely afraid, but I can no longer live like this. I want to try to do what I dream of, and since you are not leaving me alone in any way, we will march towards my dream together”.

The bottom line


The only thing that distinguishes the successful from those who are not very fortunate is that while the first ones do, the others only dream of doing, and are stuck in the desire phase. By the way, the desire phase without action leads to nowhere! And although paradoxical, eventually even the desire disappears. Sometimes even the most difficult decisions can bring us to where we have always wanted to be. And Questions for yourself is a good way to get to know your true desires.


P.S. I wish that in the end, you can tell yourself: “it was insanely difficult, but definitely worth it”.