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Why passion is the key to success&what benefits you can take from it

Apr 2, 2020 | Goals&Dreams

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Passion is what you constantly think about, what you are interested in, what is compelling.

If you can’t stop creating, if you have new projects on your mind all the time, if you are looking for information on a certain area without hesitation, if you can bake cakes every day, even if you don’t even eat them, that is your passion.

Time dissolves, yet contentment comes here and now. Now, when you start looking for a model for your photo session, when you are looking for a pattern for your new knit, when you’re working on a new landscaping project, when you are generating ideas for a new project, when you step in front of a mirror with an unfinished dress… Now. Passion brings satisfaction – here and now.

People who are passionate, very often achieve high results just naturally. What do I mean? The result comes by itself because passion drives you forward, you are constantly interested in the field, and you spare no time or effort. After all, you are happy – why count time? You want to pump all the information into yourself – in a way, you are thirsty for it. Captivating and fascinating, and the time for it dissolves. For these reasons, the result becomes a kind-of positive side effect.


The challenges we face

Emerging passion can initially create ambiguous feelings from contentment to thoughts of meaninglessly wasted time. Similar thoughts may come to mind: Why do I need this at all? It’s a waste of time. More important things should be done. I need to make money, not waste time on such meaningless things. But passion brings contentment, and one naturally seeks fulfilment. The easiest way to put an end to your passion is to let these kinds of thoughts stay and rely on them. It’s unfortunate, but very often it’s easy to give up your passions, because there are far more important, more promising pursuits – it is easy giving in and giving up your passion for a particular activity. But there is always another way, it just needs to be found.


Turning passion into your livelihood is a gift

A captivating thought. Devote all your energy to something that really interests and delights you. And make money from it! Sounds like a dream. Stop. You will need to grow up before such a leap, it is more of a vision for the future. And that does not mean that everything will go as smooth as butter, and you will no longer have to face difficult moments. Of course, there will be moments when you want to throw it all away, but your passion will drive you forward. By the way, it is very important not to throw yourself into the pursuit of a result, so that you do not lose the passion. The result is important, but it will come voluntarily – it is inevitable.

I am convinced that passionate people feel more content, happy, and are full of energy. They pull you in like a magnet. The very idea of living a passion-driven life gives you a rush and energy. And the result – only a happy side effect.