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No limits – the inspiring story of Lili Reinhart’s success in Hollywood

Nov 20, 2020 | Goals&Dreams

Photo from New York Times article Lili Reinhard Is Just Being Honest

The fame in Hollywood, countless fans, money and unlimited possibilities. Lili Reinhart frankly about the fame price. An inspiring story of Lili Reinhart’s success in Hollywood. This entry was born after reading an article in The New York Times -Lili Reinhart Is Just Being Honest.

Usually, our dreams are so big that it is hard to believe that they can be realized. We make excuses in our minds why they are out of reach for us. At the same time, after reading or hearing stunning success stories, we explain to ourselves why it was easy for those people to reach heights. The article “Lili Reinhart Is Just Being Honest”, is a reminder that no one served success on a silver platter.

The article says that Lili Reinhart grew up in Cleveland, so she had not known anyone in the film industry, but she wanted to act more than anything else. At the age of 18, she moved to Los Angeles alone. She did not know anybody in the city and did not make enough money to make a living. The city did not appear friendly. Eventually she came home and worked to save money to be able to return to Los Angeles and try again. Only this time she had a contingency plan in case she failed with her acting career. The moment of glory finally dawned. The role in the “Riverdale” series opened up new possibilities and she can now enjoy fame. You say – lucky? Well, yes, she was lucky that there was an opportunity to play a role in this series. Yes – she found herself in the right place at the right time, but she made a decision that led her to this opportunity. After the first not-so-pleasant acquaintance with Los Angeles, she still decided to come back and try again. I imagine returning to Los Angeles after such an experience was not easy, and an acting career in Hollywood was overwhelmingly ambitious.


Photo from New York Times article Lili Reinhard Is Just Being Honest


It is written that depression and panic attacks are not unfamiliar to her, so she has to look for solutions to combat these obstacles. From what I read in the article, I was unable to see any special conditions that could have made it easy for her to pursue an acting career in Hollywood. She had no acquaintances in the film industry and her parents are not actors, so what I do see is the hard work towards her goal, the perseverance, the great desire and the talent. Talent not just for acting, but also going all the way to reach her goal.

Her story inspires me to throw out the slightest excuses or imagined obstacles and move towards my goals despite the challenges I may face along the way.