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Jul 23, 2020 | Inspiration

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You know those moments when the ground seems to be slipping out from under your feet and everything seems pointless. This is a sign that you need to hit the restart button. For me, moments like these are great for discovering inspiring people. They become my button. I am inspired by the bold, the inventive, the creative, those who go beyond the standards or, in my eyes, accomplish the impossible. So today I am sharing my discovery with you.

Celeste Barber – a comedian, actress, writer, and Instagram star. Her account shares a unique interpretation of photos and videos found on the internet. These photos and videos of actors, models, singers are conveyed through the prism of Celeste’s humor.


She is a bold, unique and inspiring personality. What’s interesting is that she started her career back in 2013, and I only discovered her last year. I was very late, but better late than never.

What fascinates and inspires me about her? Definitely her courage. Celeste is not afraid to make fun of herself, of the environment, of standards, beauty, and other vital and relevant topics. I’m crazy about her.

In a nutshell, her account is very light about things that are very serious. Personally, I am still amazed by her creativity. And while it seems like that I’ve seen everything and being surprised is hard, but she very easily succeeds in doing just that.
By the way, she’s my medicine of choice when I’m feeling down.

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