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How to return your energy and life? Get rid of existence – easy method

Jan 16, 2020 | Inspiration

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Getting up in the early morning, it’s still dark beyond the window. Fresh water washes your face, softly cooling you and waking you up. Automatically you walk to the kitchen, where the teapot stands and move it to make your delicious coffee, whose aroma and caffeine should awake you and keep your mood for a new day.

The possibility is every day, given to you morning after morning. Do you value that?


The possibility is every day, given to you morning after morning. Do you value that? A morning mug of coffee is so basic that you don’t even realize you could not have it, it means that you don’t have happiness for it. And that usual coffee cup doesn’t really give you any energy. So what happened? Is it a bad coffee?

The lack of energy mostly shows that you’re stuck in a loop. What does it look like in real life? Simple. In especial periods of time your “life record gets stuck” and starts only to exist.


In especial periods of time your “life record gets stuck” and starts only to exist.


Same job and activity, which are annoying, boring and dissatisfied without any challenges; a life without dreams, a basic routine. I have seen and have felt how unsatisfying activities can “kill” a man’s energy and his potential. That’s why I’m not surprised by the stories such as lucky businessman sold his business to find himself. Lack of energy is not being seen right away, it often starts to show up when there are no more energy left for anything.

Lack of energy is not being seen right away, it often starts to show up when there are no more energy left for anything.



Symptoms are physical and mental. What feelings keeps in you every day? Persistent tensions, aches, and lack of energy. Even relaxation doesn’t help you to be happy and spa pleasures refresh you only for a moment, visual amelioration is not being felt.


How to return your energy and life?

There is no one exact answer, because what fits to one might not fit the other. In here, the first rule is: There are no rules.

I’ll give you hints, what you can try and see if it fits to you or not.

Firstly, physical and mental illness are your body signals tells you that something is not quite good as it should be. Your quest is to find the reason for what does not let you be happy in the moment. It sounds easy, but it is not. You might need some time—don’t rush.

When you do your wish list of changes, you will need to think about putting it in practice. Most important is to start from the little things and do not do everything fast. I know, it is hard to wait and you want an instant result, but you will have to be patient. For me it is very hard to be patient, but you must work on it.


So what can you try to find yourself in a new way?


Relax even if it seems impossible right now—try. It is perfect to use your likeable music. Try to get back to your childhood. Try to remember what made you happy in that time. What have you liked? How were you feeling when you did what you did? And it may look as if it’s only your childhood happiness and in this moment it won’t be satisfying, but the emotion, if you bring it back to life, might bring good feelings. Also you can find that activity again if you want it. Don’t be surprised if the first try isn’t successful and your memories don’t return—it’s normal.

There is also one helping hand—the diary. Search and download the diary app. You will have it on your phone, so it will be easy to use it when you need it. Write when you are sad and why. Write when you are angry and why. Write your plans and dreams. Create fairy tales, movie scenarios, or business plans. How will it help you? You will have somewhere to spread your negative emotions, also you will be able to write plans and your own ideas. As you know, idea comes and goes away if it doesn’t being written, then your idea becomes more unlikely to be real, that’s why it is a good helping hand.


For the end. Bringing back your energy and life is process. Solving yourself in a new way, you find a lot of new and beautiful things in your life, however inventions need efforts and time. Nothing is forever; that’s why your condition at the moment is can be changed, but you will need to wish and work hard for it. By the way, the process also give you satisfaction if you don’t lock yourself to a fast result cage.


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