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4 Ways how to find your hidden desires and commit to action

Jan 30, 2020 | Goals&Dreams

Life is full of surprises, so one day you may wake up and not completely understand what you truly want anymore. Then you have to dive into self-discovery. No matter how strange this may sound, searching for desires can take time and become quite a difficult task. And once discovered, the road is just beginning, because implementation may prove to be an impossible mission. So how do you discover, start acting, and finally believe?


 The first step – finding your desires

The time for the first phase comes when you feel something is missing. Then you have to find yourself in the labyrinth of your own desires. And probably no one has been looking for anything for a long time, so the labyrinths are covered in cobwebs. Wishes are hidden and hard to see – you will have to hustle to find them. And finally, after a long search, when you dig up your lost desires and feel what you want from life, you take the first step forward. This is the beginning.

The second step – facing fears

Of course, once you’ve figured out your desires, they constantly cross your mind and don’t leave. Often, the view of the present is very different from where you want to be. And it is frightening. Then comes the struggle with fear and obscurity. After all, if you decide to change the current situation, you will go into the unknown. And you can’t even know if you’ll succeed. And will this even be what you are looking for. No guarantees, as always, only the feeling that you want to get there. All you want assurance, you want somebody to guarantee your success. Stop. Nothing is guaranteed, so do not look for it in vain. There is just the fear that will gradually diminish as you begin to act.

The third step – clearing doubts

Doubts invade your head. They are not friends, so they come uninvited and speak very convincingly. If you have questions like: Am I not where I should be? Am I on the wrong path? Is this a sign? Maybe I was wrong to believe? It is the voices of your doubts. They somehow manage to break into your mind and make you think this way. You have to fight back. How? How to do this when doubts are invading your mind? I can say, they are powerful and rarely give up. You knock them down, and they rise like a phoenix from the ashes and continue further.

Doubts will always exist, and this is inevitable. Only if you fight back will they shrink until they are so small that you can’t hear them anymore. So push those doubts away, perfect your idea, create a plan, and dive in. This is the antidote to all doubts.

The fourth step – belief and action

Very often it is difficult to become determined, believe and act. Even with all the courage and actually managing to take the first steps, there are many surprises that can and will affect you. Then we want to return to a safe position where everything is clear, understandable and certain. It is better to choose self-belief and move towards your goal. And if you forget all of this and start doubting yourself on the road, wake up and just observe yourself and the environment. Sometimes a movie really “shakes things up” is enough. I really enjoyed the movie “Revolutionary Road” (2008). I saw the fear of change, unfulfilled dreams and the existence of a young woman in the movie. She was being suffocated by her own life. Then you realize that self-doubt can lead to an unfulfilled existence. So every time I hear doubts in my head, I send them to hell. Every time I hear: maybe it’s not for you, this may not be a good idea, maybe not now? and so on, I ask the question, why? Why should I believe in doubt? Maybe I should try. I might get disappointed. Or maybe it will be a bridge to further possibilities.

Finally, I think there will always be doubts, no matter what you do. They can be destructive or destroyed. In the first case, they crush you – you no longer have faith in yourself and you no longer have an ideas at all, so there is nothing to destroy anymore. In the second case, you are destroying them and going towards what you desire.

Revolutionary Road. Directed by Sam Mendes. Neal Street Productions, 2008.