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How don’t let self-doubt destroy your goals before you’ve even started

Jan 20, 2021 | Goals&Dreams

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If fear and self-doubt strike you as soon as you start thinking about achieving your goals, you are in the right place – in this post, I will share an inspiring story and my discoveries on how I deal with devastating doubts.

Often, to achieve our goals, we focus on what knowledge we lack, what we need to learn. We analyze what other people did and how they managed to achieve their goals. And these things are really important because in that way we gain knowledge of what needs to be done to achieve what we desire.

It’s like recipes that we can interpret later to create our own recipes that will get us to our destination.

In this way, we learn, improve, and discover, but next to all that, it is insanely important not to forget to invest as much in what we think. Into what is going on in our minds. Our thoughts have tremendous power and they directly affect our results.

Sometimes it can be hard to comprehend how big of an impact our thoughts have on future outcomes. What is intangible is often pushed to the background, though it should be the other way around. After all, thoughts materialize! So that this wouldn’t sound like just empty words, I will tell you a story that further strengthened my belief in the importance of a good mindset. I recently read an article about a woman who had it all: a well-established career, a beloved fiancée, and a full-fledged, thrilling life, until a terrible accident turned her life upside down in an instant.

After surviving by a miracle, she had to come to terms with a long and hard process of rehabilitation, and the doctors’ predictions that she would never be able to have the life she had lived before. And although it had seemed that everything is already the worst that it could be, she received a message on Christmas from her fiancée that devastated her. The fiancée wrote that he did not need a woman like her, so their relationship could no longer continue. When the feeling of despair completely overwhelmed her thoughts, she began to cry. A resident who passed by could not remain indifferent, so he came into her ward. She poured her heart out to a stranger, who became her light. He assured her that if she tried and worked hard she would create an even better life than she had, and everyone who didn’t believe in her at her worst moment was wrong. The stranger became her inspiration and ignited hope. After several years of hard work, she worked for a top-level company and was a leader in her field. Faith gave her the strength to work hard, which led to such incredible results.


My discoveries in combating self-doubt


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We may have a fantastic idea, come up with a good plan, but the wrong mindset will become a destructive force that will diminish all motivation to act.


Here are some points to keep in mind to achieve any goal:

  1. Constant introspection must become a part of your daily routine.

Observing yourself makes it much easier to understand where your energy is going. Are you looking for ways to accomplish your goal, or are you constantly thinking about reasons you failed before? When you read or hear success stories, what do you focus on? Do you make points of what that person did when they found an opportunity to learn and try, or maybe you just start comparing yourself and only find minuses that will supposedly prevent you from implementing your own idea? By observing oneself, one can find out what thoughts and when they come, analyze them and replace them with better ones.


2. Directing and concentrating thoughts in the right direction is a requirement.

Focus on things that will bring you closer to your goal, not move you away.


3. Do not underestimate the power of belief.

Of course, if you just sit and dream, you won’t accomplish anything, but positive, encouraging thoughts will inspire you to move towards your goal. Like in the story I told. Even in a desperate situation belief helped to discover the strength to go on. Good books, movies, inspiring stories, and the right people are great for building belief in one’s self.

Whether you are the best or the worst, what’s most important is how you assess your opportunities. You can always learn and acquire new skills, but if your mindset is negative, you won’t achieve any of your goals. I often say that by controlling our thoughts we can turn our lives in the direction we want. Life is 10% of what happens to you, 90% of what you make of it.

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