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How incentives can motivate you to start pursuing your big dreams

Oct 29, 2021 | Goals&Dreams

How incentives can motivate you Inbooming blog

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External stimuli can push and motivate us to concentrate and try to realize our big dreams. There are two types of motivation: internal and external. Internal – when motivation comes from ourselves, and external comes from the environment. Although the two types are different, they are undoubtedly closely related to each other, as even motivation from the outside later turns into internal motivation as a reflection on the things that led us to take action. So, how does an external incentive affect your inner motivation, and why does it pay off in your favor?


Our big dreams scare us and seem unattainable. And that is okay, because they must be like that, otherwise they’re not really dreams. So, we have a vision in our minds, but it doesn’t fit in our minds as something that is actually achievable, because it’s just insanely hard to tame that vision and believe that it can become a reality. It’s hard to believe that we can have what we want. Then our inner motivation gets stuck, so we can’t start working in the right direction. That’s when we, as fish, need water as a stimulus from the environment that would stir up all established thoughts and encourage us to look at our ideas with different eyes. After all, as the saying goes: change your thoughts – change your life.


In what way incentives open up the possibility of realizing big dreams


Incentives inspire us to question our thoughts and unfounded thoughts that our dreams are unattainable to us. They can also motivate and inspire us not to write ourselves off, which in turn makes us motivated to take action, work, and take what we so desire. Incentives also help to build self-confidence, which is definitely very important in achieving what is desired.


There are endless thoughts in our minds, and they are not necessarily useful to us, but it often becomes impossible to control them – they just come and we have to live with them. And while we cannot prevent thoughts that are unfavorable to us from coming, we can change them, thus reducing their power to steer our lives in the wrong direction.


Let’s take a simple example to make it clearer how incentives can affect our thoughts and how changes in our thoughts change our actions. Let’s say your dream is to build an online business. You are currently working a regular hired job and this dream seems simply unattainable. Thoughts about starting a business are constantly on your mind, but at the same time you keep repeating to yourself that it’s not for you and that it’s not worth starting because:


1. You do not have the right conditions to achieve this

2. You are not talented enough

3. You do not have the necessary knowledge and skills

4. It is very difficult to start from scratch and the competition is huge


Then watch this video and see how your thoughts change and how motivated you are becoming to act in spite of all the buts that are on your mind. And that’s how incentives can motivate you to start pursuing your big dreams:


Jim Carrey – How To Manifest What You Want

Our inner voice, sometimes, can really be a treacherous bastard trying to convince us that our plan will fail, and killing that bastard turns out is not so easy, but we don’t have to obey him, so let’s roll up our sleeves and kick him in the butt so he doesn’t stop us.

Drive in uplifting incentives and grow your courage to pursue your dreams