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Find out how to use smart your bad qualities in your favor – find out

Dec 31, 2020 | Goals&Dreams

Each of us has our strengths and those qualities that we would like to pull out by the roots. And basically we can change anything that doesn’t satisfy us when working with ourselves. And that’s to be welcomed, but have you thought that from a different perspective, we can even take advantage of our own qualities that we would like to change.

For example, insistentness is a trait that can frustrate people when communicating from time to time, but if a person with this trait works with direct sales, it becomes like a super power that can bring amazing results. After all, persuading a customer to buy often requires more than one call or meeting for a person to make a purchase decision. It is here that insistentness acquires the value of gold. After all, someone other than the persistent guy will call the customer without tiring out until they finally sign the sales contract. And the most amazing thing is that it will not cause the seller discomfort due to the need to annoy – it will be a pleasure rather than an obligation. Meanwhile, for those who do not have this quality, such a task can eventually exhaust and drain energy.

Another characteristic is gambling and risk-taking. These types of people are very often prone to gambling, which can ruin them because I personally think that there aren’t any people who know how to gamble. My opinion is also confirmed by the people working in the addiction center, whose daily lives are filled dealing with such people. So the saying that there are people who know how to gamble is just a myth that quickly collapses when looking at gambling addiction statistics. But the very propensity to take risks can be put to good use in the development of certain businesses where quick and risky decisions need to be made. It will be a pleasure for these types of people to face everyday challenges that require them to take huge risks and take responsibility for the decisions they make. Extreme sport is also one of the areas where risk taking would work well.

How to look at your bad qualities from a different perspective?

First of all, I want to congratulate you if you realize you have flaws. It symbolizes humanity. Name and know your shortcomings well. Also remember that you are the master of your life and you can change anything you don’t like. Yet you can always take a fresh look at your traits and qualities and think about where your shortcomings would become advantages.

  • People who gamble and are prone to risk-taking are often resistant to stress. More specifically, stress is what drives them forward. Slightly subdued, these qualities become a joy for employers. Also great for personal business.
  • Insistentness – used at the right time and in the right place can bring the Sales Manager of the Year award.
  • Slightly subdued maximalism can bring the best results in any area.

The world is full of different colors, so black and white is not the full palette. Look for ways to take advantage of what you have. Change what you want to change and the opportunities themselves will knock on your door.