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How to survive breaking points while achieving your goals – easy ideas

Feb 28, 2021 | Goals&Dreams

mental challenges in goals achieving

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Our goals can drive us crazy! I’m serious. Well, but if that doesn’t happen, they give us diamonds. As you know, diamonds have tremendous value, and you have to work hard to acquire them. And not everyone has such luck. To achieve the goal, we can often feel like diamond seekers who are working every day to find that dream treasure.

The goal usually arises in our lives out of a desire to have something or to change something. And first of all, the implementation of the goal begins in the mind. We imagine the end result we desire. We put the script in our minds of how we will feel when we stumble towards the top of the mountain. We see in our imagination that red carpet of victory on which we march, but the radiance of its glory fades when we begin to pursue our goal no longer in dreams but in real life.

SOS breaking points – what are they?


There are two types of breaking points. These are those big moments with strong destructive energy and gentle fractures. In general, turning points are more typical for long-term goals for which little time is not enough. In other words, more like a marathon than a sprint. Breaking points are a psychological break when you want to give up and forget your goal. In those moments, your goal loses its value, and in an instant, you feel like you are too weak to achieve it. They catch up with even the most patient and determined. For those who lack patience, they catch up faster and more often, and it is not so easy to knock the most patient out of trajectory, but that does not mean that they don’t have moments like these. It all depends on the size of the goal and how many challenges you have to face to achieve it. The most patient of us break after a long time when we experience many unsuccessful attempts and feel like we put everything into achieving our goal but are still stuck in the same place. The best example is when, after many months of purposeful work in setting up a business, you ‘count the eggs in your basket’ and the numbers speak for themselves, and they show that all the effort was worthless because none of the strategies worked and the work put in did not pay off. That’s when even the most determined experience a breaking point and it becomes very hard to handle and difficult to overcome.

In those moments, everything becomes meaningless. There are a plethora of emotions. Anger, sometimes self-pity, frustration, confusion, sadness. You want to throw it all of your goals away. Mild breaking points are experienced more often, but they do not have such strong destructive energy. It is usually enough to bear with the accumulated emotions or vent them, and that is enough for us to move forward again. As I say, a good run exhausts the body so that the mind can rest.


How to survive breaking points and move towards the goal?


First you have to calm down, take a break – only then you will be able to see the bigger picture. In other words, you will only be able to calmly assess the situation once you have all the emotions set aside. And how to do it with boiling emotions and a head full of thoughts? To survive the breaking points you have to move away from your goal both physically and mentally. You can do this by going out into nature, playing sports, attending a party, or reading a good book. If that doesn’t help, pack up your suitcase and go on a short vacation. You must break away not only physically but also mentally. This means that during your vacation you should try and forget about developing a new strategy to achieve your goal.

Those major breaks require a longer vacation, but those more frequent but less severe breaks are much easier to overcome. Good physical activity for the body, a few pages of a good book, or a longer walk in nature is usually enough.

Why is it important not to wave a hand at breaking points? If you do not listen to yourself and take action, you will run out of energy to see your goal through to the end. What if you’re only halfway there? You will stop, crumble and you will no longer be able to move forward. Not immediately. Not after the first time, but you will break or move very slowly and with difficulty.