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Best book on how to stop Worrying What Other People Think of You

Sep 2, 2021 | Books Worth Reading

What You Think of Me Is None of My Business Inbooming blog

Have you ever wondered how much power you give other people by letting them decide how best to live your life? Do you sometimes feel helpless, unable to choose and live the way you want because your desires don’t coincide with other people’s best-case scenario? Do you feel stuck in a trap from which it sometimes seems impossible to escape. An amazing book to help you regain the power to live the way you desire.

“What you think of me is none of my business” is a book about the power to be who you want to be, to do what you want to do and to have what you want to have in this life. About simple, but at the same time extremely complex, and very relevant to most life questions and the freedom to make decisions that are useful to us. The author’s outlook on life liberates each of us and makes us realize that no one else will make important life decisions for us and no one will live our lives better than us, we wait in vain for permission to live as we wish, sometimes without even realizing it.

Have you ever wondered how many times before making a decision you thought about how those around you would react? Wouldn’t it be great to make decisions that are in your favor without mentally asking permission from those around you beforehand? If you feel caught in the “what others will think of me or my decision” trap and you can’t imagine how to get out of it! In that case, this book should be in your hands. If you find it difficult to find the time or effort for reading, you can choose an audio format – the audible app is perfect for that.

About the power to create and steer your life in the desired direction regardless of age, current financial situation, available conditions or current circumstances. It turns out that we all have the power, even if it doesn’t seem that way. We have the right to live in abundance, but at the same time we are preventing ourselves from living that way. Feelings of guilt, loss of power to change one’s life, fear of abundance – all of this takes up too much space in our lives and has a strong impact on quality of life. And we all, without exception, want to prosper instead of just existing.

In the book, the author touches on topics such as: others are not of your source, going beyond your comfort zone, relationships start with you, children are born capable, having money is your right, to possess is to destroy, everybody can win, ask for what you want, etc…

This book can help in the most difficult times – when we get stuck and can’t hear ourselves, when the voices of others sound louder in our minds than our own, when we are about to make important decisions but feel unable to do so because based on others it would be the wrong ones. Here you will also find important examples that will help you realize that so many of us have faced this dilemma in our lives and certainly not everyone has managed to get rid of the other life scenarios that are imposed on us. But in the end, the most important thing is how you feel and live your own life, not how others would like you to live it, so for those who want to learn to resist the influence of others, this may be the beginning of your journey.