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What Is Inbooming?

Inbooming symbolizes prosperity and invites you to take full responsibility and in small steps create your own better life.

A prosperous life begins when we have the courage to implement our dreams, when we do not stuff ourselves into a box, when we do not crush ourselves down, and, conversely, when we encourage ourselves and personally grow.

Inbooming is dedicated to empowering you to learn to pursue your dreams, improve in life and overcome mental challenges while doing it all.


It’s all about personal growth, self-confidence, fixing the mindset, overcoming fear, and of course realization of big dreams by transforming our lives from the inside.

What Is Inbooming?

What I believe

My 7 Simple Life Rules Which I Follow


There are not and will not be ideal conditions to start.


You either take and make do with what you have or you don’t. You start with the conditions you have today or wait for the ideal conditions to start which will never come


Small steps lead to big goals


You want it here and now and a lot, but the big picture is made up of small parts. Small daily steps and small victories are the key to realizing big visions.


Looking at our dreams from a different angle makes them look more down-to-earth and easier to realize.


As long as we affix the label “unrealistic to realize” to our dream, vision, goal, no matter what we call it, we cannot discover the possibilities of realization. A dream is an impulse that aims to ignite an incentive to act, but we cannot act if we suffocate those impulses.


Both success and failure are equally valuable.


No matter how paradoxical, success stories would not exist without stories of failure. Of course, success is sweet and desired, and failure is bitter and undesirable, but they are closely intertwined. The biggest challenge is facing failure so that we are able to enjoy the diamonds of success discovered later.


There is no single set of rules leading to success.


Being curious, interested and learning strangers recipes is insanely valuable information that we can use to our advantage later. But at the same time, it is important to remember that there is no single path, so it is most valuable to take what is valuable from our point of view and reject all that is not suitable. Add a pinch of your personal spice and thus create your own recipe.


Small victories are no less valuable than the end result. 


Often, we are left to measure our success only by the final result obtained and forget how much knowledge we gained in the process itself as we moved towards that desired goal. How many small victories we had. And unnecessarily! What matters is not how many defeats we have suffered, but how much we learn from them. And looking at them as parts of the big picture, we can bring ourselves to the materialization of even bigger goals.


Perseverance will lead to the desired result. 


Just don’t give up! Good things take time, and wonderful things need a lot of perseverance. Stay away from your frustrations and failed attempts, reassemble yourself and continue to work purposefully.


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