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“inbooming” was born from the desire to spread the vision that each of us can take full responsibility for our own lives and make happen our biggest the most craziest insanely big dreams.
It’s created so you finally could dive in booming in this only one life we all have. And I believe it’s definitely in your power to do that. Believe you can and you will!

“Inbooming” beginning I think started many years ago then I even do not knew about it. One typical normal day I just realized that I’m tired of living in a “small life box” imposed for my of others perceptions. It was so insanely tight for me that I could not breathe in it anymore, but I was frozen because in my minds wasn’t place for issue of possibility for another kind life option. The walls of that limited box pressed me from all sides, so I should find out how to break free. I no longer wanted to be in control of old program which was installed in my minds and spread influence that no way I could reach my biggest insanely dreams.

I have found the way to overcome the walls I had inside my which was one of the biggest reason I could not stand by my big dreams. I found the way to break free of it and fell powered to make happen anything I could imagine and after that felt the sweet taste of other kind of life and since than I no longer ever wanted to return in that full of limits life box. I think most important to find out how to free your mind – that’s the key of freedom to the big dreams accomplishment.

By communicating and observing people, I realized that I wasn’t the one unit faced that and there are so many hiding  talents and so many people are not doing steps to make happen they big dreams and not believing it can be accomplished, because of the same issue they have in head I had. And it imprisons and freezes and as a result just doesn’t go out to allow themselves to pursue they biggest dreams. And I thought oh my goodness how I feel them. I thought it would be a great pleasure for me to inspire them to realize their great selves and thus create their own success stories.

So thinking about what helped me break free myself I created “inbooming”.


the story about inbooming

the key goal

of inbooming

To saw the seed of opportunity in your mind, so you could finally spread the power you have inside you. And by adding the power of believing you can do it – you finally could make a real moves to make happen your biggest, craziest insanely big dreams. I so wish you break the programs you have inside you that’s limits your possibilities.

The Founder of InBooming Inga Lanakeys


Inga Lanakeys

Hello I am Inga Lanakeys – the founder and creator of inbooming. I am a dreamer looking to make my visions come to life. Everything you think is real is not always real, so the impossible may only be impossible because of the stopping power in your mind and once it is tamed, the impossible may become your reality, so all you have to do now is make a plan and follow it purposefully. If you feel fearful – go with your fears, because until fear has the power to stop you, it does not have any overwhelming influence.

I had left my visions to get dusty in the farthest corner for a long time, but realizing that only I could open or close the door of opportunity in front of my nose, I decided to dust the visions and follow them. So after taking all my biggest fears and doubts into my own hands, which did not want to leave me so easily – I started to act. The slow recovery process had begun. I brought to light the abandoned artistic qualities of
the creator, and combining them with the acquired technical qualities in college gave me an incredibly good mixture. Magic turns out to be as easy as pie, when you follow your desires even in the face of great challenges, even in fear or doubt – strengths and opportunities to overcome them come naturally.

– Personal growth from the desire to find answers

My personal growth began about 15 years ago when the first book on self-education
came into my hands. I had a lot of questions and no one around me was able to answer them properly, so books became that source of answers and inspiration. That was the beginning of the road. In search of answers, I experimented a lot and thus
created my personal recipe that would lead me to a better, more fulfilled life. I have changed and am still constantly changing my life for the better. It’s a continuous and never-ending process, but when the process itself is fun there’s no desire to end it.

– A purposeful person with artistic spice in the soul

I am a goal-oriented person – they lead me to continuous improvement. It is they who awaken the desire for knowledge and encourage me to grow, to be interested, to discover, to reassemble myself for the nth time, to rise after failures and to move forward. As I walked towards my goals, I was faced with huge challenges every time and that led me to explore: what is that “magical” recipe that brings people into a success story? And although the phrase itself: – success story sounds very magical, it turns out miracles are really simple! A very large part of success lies in our minds. You may have the best plan, but if you have your thoughts stopping you – the plan is doomed to fail. It’s the same as trying to sail a boat without fully raising the anchor. It can move from place to place, but cannot develop the maximum possible speed. So after sailing for quite a few years with the anchor not fully raised, I cut it and now I can see how far I can sail allowing the ship of my life to develop all its power.

– Fear does not prevent you from moving forward when you make piece with it

If the idea is frightening, and butterflies are bursting in your heart just thinking about what would happen if it became a reality – it’s an idea that can in no way be pushed to the farthest corner to get dusty – it’s not the place for it! It may be an idea the value of gold, but you may not know, until you try it. No force of fear will be stronger than the self-pity realizing that you didn’t even give yourself a chance to try.

Let’s save our dreams from the darkest corners and let them lead us into the coveted life we dreamed of. I send stimuli to act and to steer our lives in the direction we want and the one we want to thrive in.

What I believe

My 7 Simple Life Rules Which I Follow


There are not and will not be ideal conditions to start.


You either take and make do with what you have or you don’t. You start with the conditions you have today or wait for the ideal conditions to start which will never come


Small steps lead to big goals


You want it here and now and a lot, but the big picture is made up of small parts. Small daily steps and small victories are the key to realizing big visions.


Looking at our dreams from a different angle makes them look more down-to-earth and easier to realize.


As long as we affix the label “unrealistic to realize” to our dream, vision, goal, no matter what we call it, we cannot discover the possibilities of realization. A dream is an impulse that aims to ignite an incentive to act, but we cannot act if we suffocate those impulses.


Both success and failure are equally valuable.


No matter how paradoxical, success stories would not exist without stories of failure. Of course, success is sweet and desired, and failure is bitter and undesirable, but they are closely intertwined. The biggest challenge is facing failure so that we are able to enjoy the diamonds of success discovered later.


There is no single set of rules leading to success.


Being curious, interested and learning strangers recipes is insanely valuable information that we can use to our advantage later. But at the same time, it is important to remember that there is no single path, so it is most valuable to take what is valuable from our point of view and reject all that is not suitable. Add a pinch of your personal spice and thus create your own recipe.


Small victories are no less valuable than the end result. 


Often, we are left to measure our success only by the final result obtained and forget how much knowledge we gained in the process itself as we moved towards that desired goal. How many small victories we had. And unnecessarily! What matters is not how many defeats we have suffered, but how much we learn from them. And looking at them as parts of the big picture, we can bring ourselves to the materialization of even bigger goals.


Perseverance will lead to the desired result. 


Just don’t give up! Good things take time, and wonderful things need a lot of perseverance. Stay away from your frustrations and failed attempts, reassemble yourself and continue to work purposefully.


The place every people pursuing their dreams wants and needs to be a part of.